Pulse Connect Secure VPN

Pulse Connect Secure VPN

Capabilities overview

Pulse Connect Secure VPN is a virtual private network system that provides a seamless, cost-effective, SSL VPN solution for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources— anytime, anywhere.

Supported capability Required plan Details
Passwordless SSO Free plan Low SSO tax


In order to integrate idemeum with Pulse Connect Secure, you will first need to obtain SAML metadata parameters for your idemeum tenant. Specifically, you will need:

  • Tenant Metadata URL

Instructions for how to obtain these SAML metadata parameters are below.

How to obtain SAML metadata for idemeum
SAML metadata is the data that describes the information needed to communicate between your SaaS application and idemeum in order to enable Single Sign-On. Based on SAML terminology SaaS application is called Service Provider (SP) and idemeum will be Identity Provider (IDP). Typically you will be a…

Passwordless Single Sign-On (SAML)

Configure SSO in Pulse Connect Secure Admin Portal

Step 1: SAML Settings

Navigate to System → Configuration → SAML → Settings

Enter FQDN of Pulse Connect Secure -> Save Changes

Step 2: IDP Configuration

Navigate to System → Configuration → SAML → New Metadata Provider

  • Choose option Local
  • Upload the downloaded Idemeum’s metadata file
  • Enable signing certificate status check
  • Select option Identity Provider for Roles
  • Save Changes

Navigate to Authentication → Auth. Servers → Choose SAML Server from the dropdown → New Server…

  • Choose option 2.0
  • Choose option Metadata
  • Select POST binding
  • Enable signing certificate status check by choosing cert from the dropdown
  • Choose Device certificate for signing the requests (from Pulse Connect Secure)
  • Enter a valid value for Metadata Validity
  • Save

Post saving the details, Edit the SAML server → Download Metadata. This is Service Provider’s metadata useful during the configuration of the Pulse Secure app in Idemeum.

Configure SSO in idemeum

  • Navigate to your idemeum admin portal at https://[your domain].idemeum.com/adminportal
  • Click Applications in the left menu
  • Search for Pulse Connect Secure VPN application and click Add App
  • Click SAML at the top navigation menu
  • Copy the contents of metadata XML downloaded from the previous step and paste it into the text area SP Metadata XML*
  • Click Load Config
  • Click Save

Application entitlements

Before users can access applications you need to make sure you entitle applications to them. In idemeum admin portal navigate to Entitlements section to assign applications to your employees.

To enable VPN on mobile devices via the Pulse Secure mobile app

  • Download the Pulse Secure app from the app store or play store
  • Configure VPN by providing RelayState URL i.e VPN endpoint URL. This will follow you through the SSO flow to complete the authentication.
  • Once SSO completes, you are connected to the VPN
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