SAML metadata is the data that describes the information needed to communicate between your SaaS application and idemeum in order to enable Single Sign-On. Based on SAML terminology SaaS application is called Service Provider (SP) and idemeum will be Identity Provider (IDP).

Typically you will be asked to provide idemeum SAML metadata when you are configuring SaaS application to connect to idemeum using SAML.

To access SAML metadata for your tenant:

  • Navigate to https://[your domain]
  • Click Applications in the left menu
  • Click Metadata in the top menu

The page will include all SAML configuration parameters that you will need to connect SaaS applications.

  • Tenant Metadata URL - sometimes you can just paste the metadata URL and Service Provider will be able to parse all necessary information.
    • What is more, you can click on the arrow next to the form and download metadata XML file.
  • Identity Provider Entity ID - this is the URI that identifies your idemeum tenant in SAML exchange
  • Identity Provider SSO URL - this is the URL that SaaS application will use to send SAML requests to
  • Public X509 certificate - public certificate of your idemeum tenant that applications will use to verify SAML assertions
  • Public X509 certificate in PEM - PEM formatted certificate as some SaaS applications require certificate to be uploaded in this format.
    • You can click on the arrow next to the form and download public certificate in PEM format.
  • Algorithm - you can choose what algorithm to use to generate hash / fingerprint for your certificate. We support SHA1 and SHA256. Some applications prefer to use certificate fingerprint instead of actual certificate value.
    • Fingerprint - generated fingerpring based on chosen algorithm
    • Formatted fingerprint - fingerprint formatted based on ASN.1 binary (DER) form.

You can conveniently copy the values right from the UI.

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