Learn how to integrate Humaans with idemeum passwordless application management platform.


Capabilities overview

Businesses around the world trust Humaans HR Software to streamline HR processes and automate administrative work. Humaans serves as a foundational layer of your HR stack and helps with efficiency by integrating with a number of other HR point solutions. Humaans is the central place for managing the employee data, documents, contracts, identifications, on-boarding, off-boarding, absence, time off, payroll information, reporting and more.

Humaans pricing page

Supported capability Required plan Details
People directory Any plan Integration for user onboarding, application entitlements, and identity verification
Entilement attributes Any plan Department, role, job title
Password manager Any Auto-fill / Auto-capture

Obtain Humaans API token

  • Open your Humaans admin portal
  • Click on your name -> API tokens
  • Click Generate new token
  • For access token scopes choose View public and private data
  • Give token a name and click Create access token
  • Once token is shows, copy it as you will need it for idemeum configuration

Connect Humaans to idemeum

  • Access your idemeum admin portal
  • Navigate to Users -> HRMS integration
  • Choose Humaans in the drop down menu
  • All you will need to enter for connecting with Humaans in an API key
  • Click Save

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