Google Workspace Directory

Learn how to use Google Workspace directory as a source of user data for idemeum passwordless onboarding.

Google Workspace Directory

Capabilities overview

idemeum can connect to Google Workspace directory and use that as a source of user data for passwordless onboarding.

Google Workspace pricing page

Supported capability Required plan Details
People directory Any plan Integration for user onboarding and identity verification

Enable API access to Google Workspace

  • Make sure you are not blocking 3rd party API access to Google Workspace. Navigate to Security -> Access and data control -> API controls and ensure you do NOT have Block all third-party API access enabled

Connect idemeum to Google directory

  • Navigate to your idemeum tenant admin portal
  • Access Users -> HRMS integration
  • Choose Google from the dropdown list
  • Click Authorize and enter your Google admin credentials. Then give idemeum permission to access Google Workspace APIs. Once connection is successful there is a green checkbox next to Authorize button
  • Enter your Google workspace domain the form
  • Click Save
  • idemeum will test connection and if successful it will display the success message at the bottom of the screen

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